Why You Keep Having Leg Cramps. Click Here To See Why?

Here are the causes of severe leg cramps;


Many exercisers experience leg cramping due to overuse. If you’re going on a long run, or you’re doing a boot camp, you might experience cramping later on. The nervous system is usually the culprit. When the nerves running from the brain and spinal cord down to the muscle become overexcited, you often wind up with an involuntary cramp.


You may be more prone to leg cramps when you’re already overtired. You might be more lax in your diet or forget to hydrate effectively, or, if your body hasn’t had enough time to properly recover from your last bout of exercise, your muscles might already be in a rough shape. “Physiologically, when the muscle is fatigued, it’s not as synchronized in using nutrients; a tired muscle loses more nutrients than it uses, so it’s not functioning at its peak.


You might want to take a look at any recent additions to your medication list, if there’s no obvious cause of your leg cramps. Diuretics, a class of medications used to lower blood pressure, may trigger cramps because they deplete the body of fluid and salts. Talk to your doctor if you started taking a new medication at the onset of your leg cramps.


Also, muscles were made to move, contract, and rest, so if you’re doing anything out of the ordinary; sitting at a conference all day, standing in line at an amusement park, you might experience some leg cramping. Standing for a prolonged period of time can understandably contribute to muscle fatigue, which in turn can cause cramping.


Dehydration causes leg cramps. Athletes and avid exercisers deal with cramps all the time, especially during the summer months, in the heat without enough liquid. The reason dehydration causes cramping is largely theoretical. It may be that fluid depletion causes nerve endings to become sensitized, triggering contractions in the space around the nerve and increasing pressure on motor nerve endings.

Having known the major causes of your leg cramps, do well to avoid them!

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