Why Braided Ponytail Should be your Next Hairstyle.

Braided Ponytail popularly called “Shuku” in Nigeria is like a signature hairstyle for black women. The style speaks “Africa” sort of because of how it’s like a black woman’s signature style and literally fits every black woman, trust me. The hairstyle highlights the basic features on your face, thus making you look much more pretty. The style is quite classy and who doesn’t like ‘classy’?! You’ll also be in luck ‘cause it’s suitable for work, an interview, and even as a protective style for my natural haired sisters. But make sure your stylist isn’t tight-handed ‘cause if she is, your edges/baby hairs would be gone for sure and NO ONE would want that.

Now without further ado, here are 10 unique braided ponytail styles you could pull off..


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