Why Black People Age Slower than White People.

why do blacks age slower than whites

The photo above consists of a mom and her twin daughters. I’m still a little confused on who the mom is though.

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “black don’t crack” and it’s been proven with photos of black people who look like they aren’t aging at all. Take a look at America’s former first lady, Michelle Obama, she’s 55 and still hot, how about popular nigerian pastor, Enoch Adeboye who would be 77 this year but is still waxing strong! There’s been so many explanations as to why black people age slower than white people,  but in this post you’ll get to clearly know the reason why blacks age slower than whites. Keep reading..

Ultimately, having more sun than one can handle results in “premature aging”. Personally, I don’t like going out into the sun all that much. As a person with caramel skin tone,  I don’t try to expose as much skin when I’m out in the sun to avoid getting tanned. I don’t decide to go exercise at the hottest time of day, when the sun is staring you down at its strongest. I don’t do any of that, but white people do all of that and it baffles the hell out of me.

It baffles me despite the fact that I do know that culturally for a white person it is a sign of “status” to have darker more golden skin, created by a tan from the sun. Looking tanned for a white person makes the teeth look whiter, the person look slimmer, muscles more defined, and gives the overall look of health, vitality, and fitness. Intellectually knowing all of this I know why some white people actively try to tan, but I on a gut level don’t understand it because they are simultaneously obsessed with looking as young as possible too.

See some comments concerning this topic from quora.com below..

I don’t think that black people in general have a practice of sunbathing or suntanning, and as we know, the sun is the number one cause of premature aging. Obviously, if you’re dark skinned, there’s no point to sunbathe for the sake of a tan. Black people also have a habit of keeping our skins moisturized, I don’t know specifically what white people do, but even as children we’d put lotion on our skin.  It’s a real thing in the black community to moisturize, and moisturized skin does age less.

Another person said,

Actually, there is a scientific reason behind “black don’t crack.” Black people in general have a thick dermis or skin. Next comes Asians. Then comes Caucasians. Having a thick dermis helps keep the facial volume high, which keeps the skin looking youthful. Also, another thing is that sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin. Black people are dark skinned and I don’t think they actually care to tan at all. Meanwhile, Caucasians in America looooove tanning, yet have such fair skin. And while that tanning looks great in youth, it eventually leads to sunspots and cracking in older age.

Someone else said,

Well, see, us blacks do something called properly moisturizing, so that when we do get older, our skin has always been moisturized, so skin does not become subject to drooping, wrinkling, cracking, drying, or stretch marks as early as our Caucasian friends do.

From these few points mentioned, we can draw a conclusion that black people age slower because of less exposure to the sun(tanning and sunbath) and also because of how moisturized we tend to keep our skin.

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