Which Corporate Woman are You?

Hey fashionistas! We all know that starting a new week in corporate attire is the usual but which corporate woman are you?! I mean, corporate attires come in different styles, are you the blazer style corporate, skirt and blouse or gown? Now, read on to find out which corporate woman you’re more of so that you don’t have any struggle picking out outfits for subsequent weeks..


The Blazer Style Corporate Woman. She’s more of a blazer kind of woman. She seems to admire any outfit paired with blazers and when it comes to work, she likes to pair up her blazer with smart pants/pencil skirts and heels to look as classy as ever. This is more of her usual style so she has no problem picking out an outfit for the coming week as long as her blazer and pants/skirt are in place.

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The Skirt-Blouse Corporate Woman. She doesn’t like to do much when it comes to being corporate. She just gets her fitted skirt and a blouse to match, paired with heels and she’s good to go. Her style spells ‘simple but chic’.

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The Pants-Blouse Corporate Woman. This woman isn’t quite different from the Skirt-Blouse woman. The only thing is that she wants her comfort and feels pants are the perfect go-to.

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The Dress Style Corporate Woman. This woman loves a stress-free fashion life but still wants to look classy. So she goes for the perfect fitting corporate gown to pull off a boss lady look which she does effortlessly.

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So which Corporate Woman are you?!

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