What type of black hair do I have?

Learning more about your unique hair type helps guide you to the products, tools and techniques that work best for your hair.

It’s wise  to know exactly what type of hair you have so you can make the best choices for styling and treatment.

Like most ladies, I’d wasted a lot of time and money trying techniques and products that I wouldn’t have, if I’d had this information before.  The online hair care community made changes to include more black hair types, but in the original version there are 4 major hair types.

The different black hair types:

An abstract of Andre Walkers hair typing chart:

Type 1 (Straight)

This hair is bone straight and not typical of black people or those with mixed African ancestry. The only way to achieve this look is by having a relaxer, pressing your hair straight or wearing a weave with straight hair.

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Type 2 (Wavy)

This type has soft, deep waves with little to no curl. The hair tends to be coarse, stays close to the scalp in long ‘S’ shaped curves and doesn’t usually have a lot of body.

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Type 3 (Curly)

This one is a little different from the wavy type because its fine and soft with a curved shape.This hair doesn’t tend to have a lot of sheen but has tons of body. It tends to look straight when wet but curls as it dries.

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Type 4 (Coily|Kinky)

This group is the most highly textured of all the black hair types. It’s very tightly curled and tends to be wiry. Some of this type has a looser coil with spiral shaped strands while others have a tighter kink with a zig zag letter ‘Z’ formation. The curl pattern makes this the driest and most fragile of all the hair types.

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