Traditional Marriage: Deeper Life bride goes stylish

The Deeper life Bible Church is known for their strict stance on what couples especially women wear for their weddings or trad. So on her traditional marriage day this Deeper Life sister rocks a to-match traditional outfit. You are not the only one surprised to see a Deeper life sister this colorful, a facebook user Alvina Azumara decided to call her out and the following discussion ensued between him and another dress-modest advocate:

Alvina Azumara: But there is obviously no difference with other brides from other churches. I think we are our problems.

Bimpe Sanmi Ajiboye: If you look well my brother or sister, there’s a difference o. The bride’s face here is natural and not laced with makeup that will almost make the bride to look very different from her usual self. Then the attire is not a see-through one. Am not a Deeper Life member anyway, but a child of God that shuns worldliness with passion.

Alvina Azumara: Wordliness? Then u shouldn’t even be chatting here with a phone cos it’s wordly. You should be locked up in your room 24/7 everyday minding your non-wordly bussiness. There is obviously no difference with that deeperlife bride and other brides from other churches. Christianity is sweeter and more practicable than we can ever think or imagine. I love being christian to the last. Not just picking a verse in the whole bible and making it a doctrine. Read and obey the whole bible to the later. Thanks

So my people, what do you think-is this worldliness or not?

Deeper life marriage dress

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  1. J

    God's creations bear witness to the truth that our heavenly father is a Jehovah God who have love for beautiful even colourful, modest appearance / look. For instance, he after creating the earth he B eautified it with variety of beautiful colourful followers not just all black,white and dull colours. HE never condemned anyone who tried to look presentable through his word the bible. HE encouraged doing all things for his glory but with modesty and soundness of mind just as we should in eating and drinking etc.

  2. Bunmi Ayodele

    is dressing 👗 in different colors worldly now.? any way the way people interpret Bible nowadays is scaring,and if check them they may be evil. God help us. Amen

    1. lady T. for Christ

      May God almighty bless your family just make sure that you fully obey his commandment and let yr dressing be moderate it is well with you.


    The Scripture ask us to be moderate and whatever you are doing do it to please God not human. When you satisfy man not God it's worldly. It's not when you use phone or anything in dis world. U can use anything but be moderate and please God... So brother and sisters worldly according to d scripture is when you failed to please God. Not when u you things of this world. Let's pray for spirit of understanding and rebuke the spirit that defines scripture to suit our sinful life..

  4. Hattie

    Bride, you look beautiful. Using phone or any thing of this world does not depict worldliness, it is the way you use it. She is well covered, colourful and beautiful! not like the painted up Jezebels that look like masquerades and appear almost naked on their wedding day...haba, Lets focus on more important issues like getting ready for the coming of the Lord. Phone and the entire social media was allowed by God to Let His word get to all one of which is to correct this modern day's dressing.

    1. Graceville

      Yes this is a decent dressing, and using any form of ICT is not worldly, just make sure one does not use it for sinful acts and not follow the sin advertised on it.

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