Top 8 Hairstyles for the Classy Workaholic.

Hey ladies, it’s a new week!

I’m sure it’s time for most of you all to get a new hairstyle OR you are still confused on what stress-free hairstyle to try out, well ladies, that’s the reason for this post. I took out time to gather 8 of the most stress-free but classy hairstyles every workaholic needs to try out. I know most of my readers work for long hours and in those hours, you wouldn’t want anything to get in your way, not even your hair, and you must have been looking for styles which you can rock for a long time and not bother about it. So ladies, scroll down to see these hairstyles and pick your fit.

Braided Ponytail(called Shuku in Nigeria). This hairstyle is simple but Classy. It helps to highlight the basic features of your face. It could be let down or packed up as seen in the picture below. It’s really stress-free.



Bob Braids. This style is a goal ladies. It doesn’t take much time to be made, and you’ll definitely feel relieved when it’s done. You going for this??



Bob Faux Locs. I recently made¬† a post on this and I guess most of you must have tried it out. But, if you haven’t, it’s not too late. The style can be carried for as long as you want.

short faux locs


Pixie Weave-on. This style just stays put. It makes any lady look chic.

short weave


Cornrows(popularly called All-Back in Nigeria). I do not need to say much, the picture says it all!

all back


Crotchet Braids. This style is a beauty. It wouldn’t get in your way based on how you style it. Bonus; the extension can be re-used as many times as you please. You going with this?!

braid style


Afro Wig. For my ladies who do not want anything in their face or who do not want to go through the stress of sitting for hours to get their hair styled, this is for you. This style also brings out the “african” in you.



Braided Wig. For my ladies who love braids but are scared of the hours they’ll spend sitting in the salon, this is for you!

braid wigs

Every style above is perfect for the classy workaholic lady. So be free to pick your choice!

Stay tuned for our next juicy update.

Bye Loves…



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