Top 6 Benefits of Regular Intake of ONIONS.

Onions are super beneficial to the human body. Not only do they add a unique taste to food, but also garnish and have health benefits attached. In this part of the world especially(Nigeria of course), a dish is never complete without this vegetable. Though some people over look it as a minor but necessary ingredient because they have no idea what it gives the body. That’s the reason for this post! To educate you on the benefits of eating onions and not take it for granted like you used to.

benefits of onions

Whether raw or cooked – onions are super healthy. However, raw onions have higher levels of organic sulfur compounds that offer numerous benefits. Boiled onions also have benefits. They serve as a good source of fiber and copper. Fiber helps keep digestive issues at bay while copper aids brain communication. See top 6 benefits below…

#1. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

One study has proven that onion extract can help lower blood sugar levels. The study was conducted on diabetic rats, and the results were encouraging. One of the sulfur compounds in onions (S-methylcysteine) and quercetin can have beneficial effects on blood sugar. However, it was found that onions exhibited the positive effect only when taken along with metformin, the antidiabetic drug.

#2. Fights Cancer

As per a study conducted by the University of Guelph, red onions are the most effective in destroying breast and colon cancer cells. These onions have high levels of quercetin and anthocyanin – two compounds that contribute to this characteristic. Onions activate the pathways that provoke the cancer cells to kill themselves. They make the environment unfavorable for cancer cells to communicate, and this inhibits their growth. It was also found that people with the highest consumption of onions had the lowest cancer rates.

#3. Enhance Eye Health

The sulfur in onions improves the health of the lens of the eye. It stimulates the production of a protein named glutathione, which acts as an antioxidant. Higher levels of glutathione mean a reduced risk of glaucoma,macular degeneration, and cataracts.

benefits of eating raw onions

#4. Good for Oral Health

Onions contain sulfur compounds that help reduce bacteria that cause tooth decay. And eating them raw is best – as cooking might destroy some of these beneficial compounds. The vegetable is also rich in vitamin C that can keep the teeth healthy. But one downside of onions is that they can cause bad breath. Hence, wash your mouth thoroughly after consuming onions – especially if you are heading to a social gathering.

#5. Improves Sexual Health

Onions are one of the herbal medicines used in western Uganda for managing sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. Even otherwise, the vegetable is known to have benefits for men. Taking onion juice with honey is known to increase fertility in men.

#6. Enhance Brain Health

Research suggests that the antioxidants in onions bind with the harmful toxins in the brain and flush them out of the body. And the sulfur-containing compounds in onions can slow down age-related memory loss. However, a part of these memory fighting properties might be lost upon cooking. Hence, try your best to eat the vegetable raw.

I’m sure you never knew most of these benefits! So stay tuned for our next post “Benefits of Onions for Skin”. Turn on the post publication notification on this site, thank you.

Bye for now loves…

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