Three Important Steps To Follow If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Back Acne.


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Puberty sucks… Ever heard that word before, am sure you have because you’ve said it everyday since you hit puberty. Technically puberty shouldn’t suck and it happened over a decade ago (for some of us at least) but when you still have aunt flo’s monthly visit and acne you really wish there was no such thing as puberty.

Since its something you can’t do always the next best thing is to find a solution to the uglier side that comes after puberty and one of these side’s if the bacne. The bacne (Back Acne) is common and re-occurrant, every living breathing human being has come in close call with it.

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At some point in our lives (an for some always) we have to deal with this menace even though it can be straight up a pain in the b*tt. How you deal with it is however a cause for concern because some things you use to combat the bacne (Back Acne) are definitely dangerous for your skin, however according to a top dermatologist you can find out how to treat your bacne (Back Acne) without destroying your skin.

1. The Power of Showering.

When you have back acne, you should pay attention to the wash you use in the shower. Stuff that have benzoyl peroxide can be irritating and harsh but that’s when its used on the face as the skin on the face is softer. However its actually a safe choice for bacne since it kills all acne causing bacteria’s. Therefore when you are getting a wash for your body, pick up one that contains 10% of benzoyl peroxide.


Application (once a week): Apply the wash that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, smear across the surface of your bacne. Leave in for a few minutes and then wash in the shower.

2. Acid Affection.

Dead skin mixed with oil and bacterial is a recipe for disaster. Scrubbing the heck out of your skin especially with harsh exfoliators would only irritate your skin which may lead to other breakouts. Salicylic and glycolic acids are ingredients that help fight acne, look for products that contain a minimum amount of this and use every day.


3. Protection is Key.

Scars are definitely the residue left when fighting bacne (back acne) and one of the things that can make them darker, bigger and lasting is when they are exposed to sunlight. So to treat them and make them go away you have to wear a sunscreen, this way you can protect your skin.