These Are The 5 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know.

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A popular saying has it that variety is the spice of life. Therefore, what suits one may be different from what suits another. Same thing applies to makeup. Makeup is an art thus, one should apply much creativity in it. In trying to be creative, one goes with some hacks that make things a lot easier than ever imagined. Beauty hacks are useful to every woman. These are the five makeup hacks every woman should know.

1. For a smoother mascara application:

Tuck your mascara tube in your bra for a few minutes while you are applying your other makeup. Besides, warming up the mascara will soften the formula and make it go on much more smoothly. You can also hold the bottle between your palms and roll it a few times; it also warms it a little for a much smoother application.

2. For a cheaper alternative to makeup brushes:

You should use paint brushes as makeup brushes. Many paint brushes are shaped similar to makeup brushes, and many companies make makeup brushes in addition to paint brushes. Lots of craft stores have weekly coupons you can use to lower the price, and the brushes themselves go on sale constantly.

3. To look more awake:

You should use a highlighter pen instead of traditional concealer on your eyes. It has a lighter texture and illuminates the entire area, which makes you look wide awake and glowing.

4. For girls with glasses:

On the other hand, if you wear glasses, use a coloured eyeliner on your lower lash line and black on the top. It makes your eyes really stand out from behind your frames.

5. To get your eyeliner to last all day:

Use a small stiff brush and go over the liner with a matching shadow after lining your upper lash line with eyeliner pencil. Not only does this soften and smooth the line, but it also sets the liner to give it more staying power. You are free to try different liner and shadow combinations for an endless variety of looks.

Indeed, every woman on earth needs these life-changing makeup hacks!

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