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Beauty-Brains-Class-Wits-Fashion-Work has never looked so good and beautifully layed out as the author of ‘GOOD DILEMMA’ Okenwa Oluomachukwu Sandra writes about a story of #faith #trust #truth #logic #ambition #manipulation #deceit

Joynice, a fresh graduate of public administration goes for job hunting. As a committed Christian and lover of Christ, she turns down any one who tries to physically harrass her by asking for either bribe, or sex before offering her a job. After three months of job hunting, She finds a ‘decent’ job that never stepped on her Christian faith at one of the biggest digital tech company in town as a PR and a Financial Assistant to the company. The job comes with an official car, an apartment, and a monthly fat salary with paid conferences, vacations and seminars abroad.
Isn’t the Lord wonderful? She gladly asked her friend Jessica.
   Three months working; She notices something distracting to her. Every month, she records a detailed information of the business transactions that took place in the company(both internal and external) and submits to the CEO. But she notices that the figures of money increases to 70percent when he sends back his approval of her detailed information. At first, she thought he had added his personal business transactions to the list. But as a PR and a Financial Assistant, she thought she should be aware of his business transactions that makes the figures go very high.
She thought it was okay to be quiet about it and never ask and just focus on what she was being told to do. But those high figures she kept seeing every month couldn’t let her curiosity die. When she told her friend Jessica about it, she told her to ask the CEO himself.
She had already prepared herself to ask this ‘gravely’ question until she had the opportunity of scanning through his laptop after he had left it to quickly use the bathroom when they were in a brief meeting. And when she did, she had all the evidence and the curiosity satisfaction that her boss was a scammer and a deceit who uses the young and old, rich and poor; swindling and blackmailing them. ‘A Legal business with an illegal transaction’
Now at a dilemma.
1)Should she report her boss to security agencies?
2)Quit her attractive job and lose all the comfort and go back to unemployed and seeking as a good Christian she is or claim to be?
3)Pretend and forget she even saw anything and continue with her job?
4)Protect the interest of the company as what she is being paid to do?. . . . . .

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