Rock This Weekend With These Stylish Outfits.

Hey Divas,

If you had a stressful week like mine, I am so sure you are looking up to Friday like a slivering lining in a dull sky. It is definitely a TGIF (Thank God its Friday) for me as it’s sure to be a time to relax and have all the fun I’ve missed over the week. This is the last working day of the week with two blissful days of no work which is why all the fun has to go down this weekend.

We have often and overtime emphasized on the different outfits for different occasion and a fun weekend is obviously one occasion to go all out with our outfits as anything can happen (you might even get a bae from it). Your outfits on this fun weekend depends on what look you want to achieve? Are you going for heads-turning or eye popping look? Or perhaps it is more sombre breathtaking look? Or maybe its a more body revealing look? It depends on you and the attention you want this weekend.

So if you are like me that haven’t decided on how much attention I want to get this weekend, here are some weekend looks to help you in deciding what to wear and style.

okpeke lagos weekend

okpeke lagos weekend1

okpeke lagos weekend2

okpeke lagos weekend3

okpeke lagos weekend4

okpeke lagos weekend5