Reactions of other Deeper Lifers the day a couple danced in their wedding

For those who are not aware, Deeper Life Church doctrine doesnt subscribe to dancing. It is classified as worldliness along with some dressing styles. It is so serious that they sit down during praise and worship to avoid the temptation to dance. For years this has remained a practice in the church and no one questioned it openly for fear of being branded a rebel, you know that Dothan and Abiran message.

Fast forward to the birth of social media and people can now express their views outside the confines of church. So this picture was posted of a couple dancing in  Deeper Life facebook forum (not official page) and it elicited several reactions from fellow members, with those against it classifying it as worldiness. On the other hand the proponents of church dancing sited David and how he danced. One even reminded them that Pastor Kumuyi has instructed youths should not be chased away from the church due to old practices of the beginning years.

Deeper life wedding


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See full reaction on the facebook page


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