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Natures Gentle Touch Herbalblend Intensive Leave-In Treatment

Key Features

  • Herbalblend Intensive Leave‎‐In Treatment
  • Volume‎:‎ 250 ml
  • Formulated with African Shea Butter
  • Prevents hair stretching & breakage during combing
  • Hair health maintenace


Nature‎’‎s Gentle touch is famous for its exhaustive range of efficient hair care products that always celebrate the unique beauty of black women‎.‎

Containing a blend of herbal extracts that include African Shea Butter‎,‎ The Natures Gentle Touch Intensive Leave‎‐In Treatment restores the PH of your hair‎,‎ protects it from stretching and breaking during combing and provides instant continuous conditioning treatment for ultimate hair care‎.‎

After the deep conditioning treatment‎,‎ apply a small amount of the Intensive Leave‎‐In Treatment into hair‎.‎ Comb through for even distribution and style your hair as desired‎.‎ Do not rinse out‎.‎


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