How to Wear Pencil Skirt like a Pro.


Pencil skirt is a common fashion piece amongst ladies and most ladies feel it can be worn just with any blouse, shoe and even accessory but I’m sorry ladies, you are wrong. I’m sure you have questions now, read on to find out…

TUCK IN YOUR BLOUSE OR YOU’LL LOOK TOO CASUAL. You should tuck your blouse into your pencil skirt depending on how the blouse looks. If the blouse is made in a way that it’s a perfect fit on your body, then you should tuck it in. But if it’s loose below like a peplum top or so, then it’s not necessary to tuck it in.

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IF THE SKIRT AND TOP ARE OF DIFFERENT COLORS(COLOR BLOCKING), WEAR A NEUTRAL COLORED SHOE. If you’re trying to slay color blocking, make sure to wear a neutral colored shoe like black, nude or white.

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DO NOT WEAR A BAGGY OR LONG TOP ON A PENCIL SKIRT. Wearing a baggy or long top on pencil skirt is a NO-NO. Rather, opt for a fitted or baggy crop top.

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IF WEARING A BRIGHT COLORED SKIRT, WEAR A NEUTRAL COLORED TOP. Do not make the mistake of wearing a bright colored top instead wear a neutral colored top like white, black or gray.

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ACCESSORIZE LESS. You do not have to do too much when wearing a pencil skirt. The skirt is like the main attraction and depending on how you wear it, you would slay without doing too much. A handbag and something on your wrist could do the trick. Remember, ‘Less is More’.

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HEELS ARE PERFECT TO GIVE YOU THAT CLASSY LOOK. What are you waiting for?! Grab your heels and slay!

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IF WEARING A PATTERNED BLOUSE, PICK A PLAIN SKIRT WHICH MATCHES ONE COLOR ON THE PATTERNED BLOUSE AND VICE VERSA. Fashion influencer, @fashionas_iknowit on Instagram sure knows how to slay pencil skirts.

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If you made it to this point, you’re the real MVP!

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