How To Loose Belly Fat: DIY Remedies.

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Most people in the world struggle with belly fat, its a serious issue because not only is it dangerous it also gives you a not so fine look. Now you must know that belly fat can lead to a lot of diseases like dementia, heart diseases, diabetes and the list goes on. This diseases weaken the liver and boost your metabolism so that your body targets fat which is a dangerous feat.

There are several ways in which we can reduce body fat. one of the ways is to avoid fatty foods as there are foods and spices that can help loose belly fat. Here are some effective ways to loose belly using food and spices.


As you know natural remedies are the best way to solve a lot of issues as they come without so much side effects. Here are five natural solutions you can try out:

1. Ginger Tea

Asides from the fact that ginger is a natural digestive agent, ginger is also one of the thermogenic agents which helps increase the body temperature which in turn helps to burn fat much more efficiently. Belly fat sometimes is due to over eating, stress, lack of exercise etc which can be reduced by using ginger as a daily aid because ginger is said to suppress cortisol production, a steroid hormone essential for regulation and mobilization.

The next question is how to prepare Ginger Tea… Below are steps on how to make the ginger lemon tea.


4 cups of water

1-2 inch piece peeled and sliced ginger

1 lemon

1 table spoon of honey


Boil the water to boiling point.

Add the ginger into the hot water and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Pour into a cup and add the lemon juice and honey.

Take twice a day to help reduce your cortisol production.

Ginger Tea

2. Green Tea

Green tea is essential for a lot of things and it has been stated that having four cups of green tea a day for an 8 week period would help you reduce at least six pound. Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-galatte or EGCG a type of catechin which boost the metabolism. you can either have it fresh or iced. here are steps on how to make green tea for belly fat reduction.


1 Tea bag or 1-2 green tea leaves or pearls

1 cup of hot water

4-5 mint/basil leaves

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1-2 teaspoon of honey (optional)


Boil the water

Add the green tea bag into hot water

allow 5-10 minutes then strain and add lemon and honey.

Green Tea

3. Coconut Oil 

Although coconut oil is fat but it contains fatty acid that have a positive effect on the body. aside from the fact that coconut oil is high on medium chain triglycerides it is also a thermogenic and it helps to burn fat.

One thing to note when using coconut oil is that it must be used moderately otherwise it would only increase your belly fat so you should indeed be cautious when using it.

Steps on how to use coconut oil to reduce belly fat

Do not use coconut oil with other existing oil, replace all other oil with coconut oil.

Use coconut oil moderately, in fact use only 2 tablespoons a day.

Use it with whole and nutritious foods.

Coconut Oil

4. Lemon Water

Lemon water increases enzymes that helps to detoxify the liver so it can function effectively as a stressed liver cannot metabolize fat efficiently and once a liver cannot metabolize fat then the fat gets stored up in your waistline.


1 Lemon

1 Glass of Water


Warm 1 glass of water

Squeeze the lemon juice out and pour into the warm water ( although you can use water at room temperature, warm water helps for fat burning purpose)

Mix the water and lemon properly and drink ( make sure its on an empty stomach)

Do not eat for the next hour after you’ve drank the lemon and water mixture.

Lemon Water

Note: Do this early in the morning once you get up, every morning.

I hope this has been helpful… now there are several home solutions on how to loose belly fat.

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