How to Know If You Have A Loose Vagina

If you have been suffering from a loose vagina, then you are not the only woman to be suffering from this problem. Almost every woman has to go through this phase when they give childbirth or suffer from some urinary problems. Loose vagina after birth is a common phenomenon, especially if you have given birth to a second or third child. However, vagina looseness is not something you need to worry about as you can easily get back your tight vagina if you use the right products and practice some exercises.

What is a loose vagina?

You can easily understand when you have a loose vagina because you will experience a change in your sexual life. However, if you still want to know whether you have a loose vagina or not, then here are some steps that will help you get an idea.


How do you know if you have a loose vagina?

Slide your index finger into your vagina and then slowly insert your middle finger. If you still don’t feel any discomfort or tightness, slide your ring finger too. If all the three fingers slide in easily, then you have a loose vagina.  If you have a loose vagina, you will generally face incontinence problems. For example, you might unconsciously take a leak when you are laughing or sneezing. Also, you might develop stress incontinence when you are pregnant because pregnancy weakens pelvic muscles. When you have a loose vagina, it will be difficult for you to have orgasms because there will be reduced friction between the penis and you vaginal walls. If you have not been able to enjoy orgasms for a long time now, it might be the case that your vaginal walls have widened.

During sexual intercourse, you might not be able to enjoy the act if you have a loose vagina. Gripping will be a problem and you will end up feeling dissatisfied. If that’s the case, then you have a loose vagina.

If you have been wondering ‘why is my vagina loose’ or what causes a loose vagina, you might have been able to get some answers by now. After following the above steps, if you realize that you have a loose vagina, then there’s nothing to worry about. A loose pussy is not a permanent problem and you can easily get your vagina back in shape. You just have to do some exercises and you need to use the right products to be able to get your vagina back in shape.

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