How To Grow Your Hair Business In Nigeria.

Marketing is the MOST important thing to do when starting a business. Without that, you can’t really do anything. Why and how would you start a business without promoting it and getting your name out there? You can’t think that you’re going to make sales, especially online, without marketing. The purpose of marketing is to capture the attention of your target market, facilitate your prospect’s purchasing decision, and offer a specific product for them to buy. Marketing by definition is: All the processes involved in getting a product or service from the manufacturer or seller to the ultimate customer.

Hair business is now a big market place in Nigeria and it is really fast growing. It is one of the leading fashion sales in Africa especially in Nigeria. Most fashion business gurus especially the ladies who have interest in hair expertise in Nigeria from selling hairs in small quantities to building a known hair empire. Starting a hair business can be very strenuous and difficult especially if you do not have a good client and location base.
Here are few guidelines that would guide you on how to grow your hair business in Nigeria.
Build An Hair Extension Website.
You need a place to call your own! You might see some success selling through Instagram’s DM or Facebook Messanger, but it’s a dangerous game to build off of someone else’s platform.
Having a fast, well-designed website with a variety of in-demand hair extensions will be the key to your long-term success.
Social  media especially Instagram
Instagram is one of the top favorite platforms for marketing hair extensions! Hair is such a visual product. Hair extensions match perfectly with the most visual social network, Instagram .
Instagram is the place to show off product photos, promos, and client photos. Showcase your hair client, and show them some love by reposting their Instagram photo of them wearing the hair. These types of posts is an excellent way to give them some props for looking good and showing your potential customers your great hair extensions. Like the other social media platforms, we suggest using a variety of posts. Uploading the same product photos all day is easy, but people will get bored and lose interest in your brand.
Create Video Tutorials on YouTube.
Did you know YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine? There are so many opportunities to get more visitors to your website and exposure for your brand by creating videos on YouTube.
If you don’t have a professional camera and microphone, then you can start by using your smartphone. Many can take great videos! It’s worth it first to watch some videos on how to make great videos on your phone. A few simple techniques can improve the quality of your shots. You can create videos of you at hair events, coloring hair extensions, tutorials, and more! Everyone is looking to learn how to do hair on YouTube. Yes, there are thousands of videos already on the platform, but don’t let this stop you. It’s important when people are searching for your brand. Making Videos should be a top priority for your hair extension marketing plan. Let your customers connect with you through some awesome videos!
Organize Blog Contest
We love blog contests & giveaways because it is an excellent way to capture email addresses for future promotions. Check out to launch a free contest. Their software will integrate with multiple platforms as well. Getting people to visit your website through a contest is great because then you can retarget them with Facebook and Instagram marketing. It’s crucial to announce your winner publicly when you run a contest. It would also be beneficial for you to follow-up with the winner for a few photos or testimonial about your hair extensions, lashes, edge control, or any other product you have offered.
how to drive traffic to your fashion blog
Email Marketing – Grow that list!
Building your email list should be on the top of your hair extension marketing checklist! Even if you have not yet started your brand, you could still be building a list of emails to announce the upcoming launch. Services like MailChimp make the email newsletter process very easy and free for the first 2,000 subscribers. Many online businesses receive up to 30% of their sales just from their email newsletter. It is that powerful. Email is a timeless way of communication. Social platforms like Facebook or Twitter might lose popularity in the future. If you only build up your following on social media, it could be a dangerous move. Newsletters should only be 20% – 30% sales and more focused on great information and tips around hair extensions.
You can also connect your website to your email service provider to create automated rules that will run based on a web visitors actions. Mailchimp correctly integrated with your website becomes a powerful combination. Email marketing should be a top priority in your hair extension marketing plan.
These tips should guide you on your hair business. It is necessary to follow them to be a top and rival hair dealer in Nigeria.

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