How to Grow Fuller and Thicker Eyebrows.

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Hey ladies! So I got to find out that Full and Thick Eyebrows are trending right now. I’m sure you all at one point must have desired fuller eyebrows OR you probably have thinning eyebrows and do not know how to go about it which makes you wear make-up to cover it all up OR you sometimes feel like wearing your face natural but wish you had full and well-groomed eyebrows to complete the look.

Look no further ladies, that’s why this post was created; TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR EYEBROWS FULLER AND THICKER.  Read on to get the Best tips and tricks which have been proven to work.


#1. Eat foods rich in Protein and Vitamins that promote hair growth.

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Your hair is made from proteins, so make sure your diet contains food like nuts, and lean meats like chicken and turkey.

Vitamin B7(Biotin) nourishes hair and helps it grow and can be found in eggs, another source of protein. Zinc vitamin keeps your hair from falling out and is contained in beef, crab, and spinach vegetable.


#2. Castor Oil.

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Castor oil is usually called “miracle oil” because of its “speedy hair growth property”. Apply it directly on your eyebrows using your finger or a spoolie brush so that the nutrients can go in and speed growth. It is best applied before bed time and left overnight.


#3. Coconut Oil.

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This oil is very popular and has some properties which help to condition and aid the growth of hair generally. It is also a good solution for the growth of eyebrows.

Apply it the same way castor oil is applied.


#4. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

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Everyone must have heard about the popular Vaseline petroleum jelly but never knew it also helps your eyebrows grow thicker and fuller. It moisturizes the brows and also keeps them firm and very straight.

It should be applied the way the previous oils are applied.


#5. Lastly, massage your brows once or twice a day using your fingers. It improves blood circulation around your brows which will promote hair growth.

Ladies, if these tips are followed judiciously, trust me, within a month you’ll definitely have your long awaited Full and Thick Eyebrows.

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Bye Beauties…