How to Drive Traffic to your Fashion Website

The popularity of online shopping in Nigeria only continues to grow as brick and mortar retailers take their businesses online. Possibly you are one of those that have designed an online store for your fashion business-this write up will help you grow your business. It is about getting traffic to your fashion website and I will be showing you what works in Nigeria. So if you want to start a career in Nigeria’s fashion industry put on your sit belt for the ride.

Bear in mind that what works for one industry may not work for another ecommerce based website. However the 3 methods I am going to show you works all the time, you only need to know which works better for your audience so you can maximize your return on Investment. Marketplace website like Jumia and betting sites like Nairabet has utilized some of these strategies to drive massive traffic to their sites. Nairabet for instance uses their Nairabet Affiliate Code to connect with many new comers via their affiliate marketing programme while Jumia uses Pay Per Click Advertising as well as Affiliate Marketing to drive traffic to their ecommerce website.

The following are three sure ways to drive traffic to your fashion website:

  1. Use popular digital Marketing methods: You must have heard of SEO, Social Media Marketing using facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc and even blogging. All these are popular ways you can use to drive traffic to your online store. Other popular methods include Affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) which have been mentioned above using Jumia and Nairabet examples. However for a fashion store, statistics have shown that social media marketing especially with Instagram works better than other methods. You may need to attend a digital marketing class to master some of these methods and how they work-their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Tap into the power of Influencer Marketing: With so many “Insta-famous” celebrities harnessing the power of social media, consider looking for organic ways to tap into their influence. In Nigeria, Instagram for instance has gradually become one of the most effective social media marketing channels for ecommerce merchants. Go to websites like WEBSTA to search for popular instagram hashtags and users. Through this way, you can know a respected individual you are targeting, offer them products from your fashion store for free in exchange of their endorsement with a link back to your website
  3. Don’t forget offline marketing: The traditional media is still very much active in Nigeria, so utilize radio and TV shows to market your products. This depends on your budget though. Brand your delivery bags, vehicle, tshirt etc with your ecommerce web address. Make sure your web address is visible on your business card and email. These will popularize your store address and drive in more traffic

Finally, do not forget to measure your results. This will help you know which of these methods work better for you and help plan your next campaign. There are many traffic measurement websites and tools that can help you. Popular among them is Try the above methods and don’t forget to drop your comments, I’m always eager to read them. Good luck


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