Here Is A Perfect Way To Determine The Right Foundation For Your Skin.

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Walking down a makeup aisle and not finding the foundation that matches your skin tone can take its toll. Women of colour know this struggle all too well- for so long, many beauty companies offered a limited number of shades for their skin tones, but how do you really get to know the foundation that matches your skin tone?

Here are the best ways to determine the foundation;

1. Distinguish between undertone and overtone:

You have to get the description clearly. Undertone is the natural colour of your skin right beneath the surface layer. Exposure to the elements, acne, scarring and other skin conditions can cause your overtone, or surface shade, to change and vary. Your skin’s undertone, however, never changes. Discovering your undertone is the key to finding your perfect foundation shade. Avoid using your skin’s overtone to select a foundation shade.

2. Test each shade:

Do this by applying the makeup by drawing a line from your cheek down to your jawline. Do not blend it in. Wait about ten minutes and then examine the swatches. The ones that disappear smoothly into your skin are your best shade choices. Once you have narrowed it down, test those shades on your chest, as well, to make sure they disappear seamlessly there, too. If you have oily skin, try a foundation that’s one shade lighter than what you were expecting. This is because oily skin creates the illusion of darker skin color. If you’re having a hard time finding the right shade, consider mixing two shades together to create a customized tone.

3. Select a concealer that is lighter than your foundation shade:
It’s often assumed that your concealer shade should match your foundation shade. However, because irregular pigmentation and dark under-eye circles are typical problems for those with darker complexions, matching the two products isn’t ideal. When choosing a concealer, opt for something one or two shades lighter than your foundation for best results.
With these, you are sure to get your desired foundation shade!

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