Welcome to Okpeke Beauty and Fashion Centre

Okpeke Dotcom i more than a blog, it is the meeting point for all women in Nigeria who are interested in their looks. From fashion to beauty tips and physical fitness, Okpeke explores them all.


  1. FASHION & BEAUTY TIPS: Get all the information you need to look good
  2. SHOP: Shop for the latest and hottest products in the fashion, beauty and wellness industry all at rock bottom prices a we only feature importers and manufacturers prices for retail
  3. CAREER: Are you looking for a job in the fashion and beauty industry or you an employer looking for qualified candidates? Get one here! From trained masseurs to make-up artists and nail technicians
  4. BLOG: Are you a good writer in the industry? hare your thought in our forum. You can also apply to be a contributor
  5. COMPANY LISTING: Here we have a pool of companies that make the fashion and beauty industry tick. This includes beauty spas in Nigeria, Boutique, modelling agencies in Nigeria, etc

On top of everything else, you’ll find a vibrant community here and some of the nicest people online. Your comments aren’t just welcome, they’re adored 

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