YES! your natural hair can really grow long in few months! see how……


  1. Wash your hair once every 3-4 days – Water is the only thing that can truly moisturize your hair. Try not to go longer than a week without at least a conditioner rinse.
  2. Deep condition your hair regularly – A thick crème based conditioner, hooded dryer and plastic cap = magic. These things are your best friends when you realize what they do for your hair.
  3.  Use protein conditioner at least once a month – Strong hair is healthy hair. Infusing protein is a must no matter what condition your hair is in. Balance moisture and protein so your hair doesn’t get brittle and dry. A good ratio is 4-6 moisturizing treatments to 1 protein treatment.
  4. Take care of your scalp – Hot oil treatments every 2-4 weeks ensure a healthy nourished scalp. Organic castor oil stimulates hair growth and a few drops of tea tree oil keeps flakes away.
  5. Moisturize your ends daily – Sealing your ends keeps them from drying out and splitting. Healthy ends are the key to accumulating length.
  6. Wear protective styles often – Protective styling keeps your hair shielded from drying air and over manipulation.
  7. Trim your hair when it needs it – Having a set trimming schedule isn’t necessary. Clip your ends when they need it and leave them alone if they don’t.


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