Get rid of bedbugs and keep your family safe!

Bed Bugs are becoming increasingly more of a problem to many Nigerian families. They can be found in homes of all kinds, apartments, shelters, dormitories, hotels and even cruise ships.  Bed bugs have been around forever.  But they are spreading because of lack of public awareness. Many people are thus looking for information about bed bugs control in Nigeria

Bed bugs can live in any home or building, even in tiny cracks of furniture as well as on clothes and upholstered furniture.  However they are more frequently found where people sleep. They can be found in beds such as the mattresses,  box springs and bed frames.  They also like to live in corners inside dresser drawers , curtains, and inside the spaces of wicker furniture.   Because bed bugs can live for months on time without eating they can be found in vacant homes or buildings.

Bed bugs bring a whole new meaning to the innocent nursery rhyme “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”

 Biology & Behavior

  • Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal insects that feed  on blood
  • Females can lay 1-5 eggs per day
  • Eggs hatch approximately 7-10 days after being deposited by the female
  • Development from egg hatch to adult takes approximately 1 ½ -2 months depending upon environmental conditions and food availability
  • Individual bed bugs do not need a blood meal everyday and can go several days or more between each blood meal.
  • Bed bugs are inactive between blood meals, they hiding in secretive resting places
  • Bed bugs will disperse throughout a dwelling not just your bedroom
  • Bed bugs are resilient and can survive for several months or more without a blood meal