Flat Twists Hairstyle Inspiration for Natural Hair.

This one is for my natural haired sisters! Thinking of your next low manipulative protective style? Then Flat Twists is for you. Flat Twists hairstyle has been around for a while but it just recently occurred to me to compile some of the best for you all. I love it’s diversity and how it’s a low manipulative style. It can be made with an extension or just your natural hair(some of the styles in this post were made with the client’s hair alone). This style if done by the right hair dresser would last a month and wouldn’t stress you a bit. Plus, there are different classy ways it can be made. The images in this post all belong to Nigerian natural hair stylist, Esther Tom of ‘Game of Fros‘(a natural hair styling hub). Esther sure has gifted hands and her works prove it. That’s why I decided to inspire you all with her work. See them below and tell me why Flat Twists shouldn’t be your next protective style..

flat twists

flat twists on natural hair

natural hairstyles

feed in flat twist

flat twists on natural hair

flat twists on natural hair

simple natural hairstyles

natural hair protective styles

natural hair blog

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