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You know,a sense of style is a rather individual thing. Each fashion designer has his own perception of beauty and taste. Without a doubt, fashion changes every time. Some styles come and go, and then come right back, but with some designers’ changes. Are you dreaming about the bright career of a fashion designer? Find out more about the best fashion schools in Abuja. 

Speaking about Abuja, it is the federal capital city in Nigeria. Abuja also holds the status of the fastest-growing and developing city. Moreover, the population increases every year. As far as we know, Abuja is considered to be one of the popular fashion centers in the world. There are so many different fashion schools in which you can get a high-quality education that will afford you a place in Nigerian fashion. We have prepared for you the compilation of the best fashion schools in the federal capital city. 

#1 – “The Mr. Nature Fashion World” Here you can get your fashion training and study female fashion designing. – Contact address: Same Global Estate, Abuja. – Telephone: 08163573353. – Website address: 

#2 – “Tehillah Designer” In this school, you can try yourself at unisex fashion designing. – Contact address: Plot 88, Abuja. – Telephone: 07054436660.

#3 – “Justmysize Fashion and Unique Designer” This Fashion Academy in Abuja is famous for its professional, high quality fashion training. – Contact address: Suite 17, First Floor, Abuja. – Telephone: 08035899907.

#4 – L’amirah Fashion Academy Abuja. This one is considered to be a very good Fashion School in Abuja. – Contact Address: Suite FBE11, New Bannex Plaza, Abuja. – Telephone: 0803256875. 

#5 – “Dab Couture” When it comes this Fashion School, it should be mentioned that it offers national attire designing. Here you will learn how to design different men and women’s traditional clothes. Also, they are famous for the wedding dress designing. – Contact address: B12, 5, Citec Estate, Mbora District, Abuja. – Telephone: 08038843474.

#6 – “Moa Design Studio” This Fashion Academy offers different types of fashion design. – Contact address: Area 11, Alima Plaza, Abuja. – Telephone: 08057944269.

#7 – “Qubbie Imaginations Designers” Here you can get a pretty good fashion design training and they will teach you to sew dresses of different styles. – Contact address: Jokwoyi Phase III, Abuja. – Telephone: 08055606352. 

#8 – “Kings Ultimate Touch” They can offer not only fashion design training but will teach you how to sew all kinds of clothes, including civilian and military kinds as well. – Contact address: Ext. 58, Abattoir, Abuja. – Telephone: 08036203315.

#9 – “Chitexe Fashion Design Limited” They are known for a high-quality unisex fashion designs. – Contact address: Block E, Suite 8, Powa Plaza, Abuja. – Telephone: 08037855846.

#10 – “Couture Shock Couture” They are famous for teaching embroidery and different types of designing, such as: > garment design; > men shirt design; > native attire design; > unisex fashion design. – Contact address: T44, Gwarimapa Ultra Modern Plaza, Abuja. – Telephone: 08122223664. 

In conclusion, we should point out that Abuja is considered to be the fashion center of Nigeria. So, if you have a special taste and sense of style, this city is definitely for you. We have given you the information about top 10 of the best fashion schools in Abuja. Now it’s your turn to choose which one you want to study in. So, good luck! 

top fashion schools in abuja

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