Everyday Makeup For Melanin Black Women (Video).

Hey Divas!

We all know how tiresome and difficult it could be sometimes when trying to apply a fresh new makeup look to work everyday. To all melanin black skinned women, I have brought to you a tutorial video of how to master that makeup look you can rock everyday. Easy and perfect! Watch the video below by beauty blogger Nellie Robert.

Watch video below!

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  3. MISCHA Kalani

    Hi I am a light skinned black woman who has developed sun spots or dark patches on her cheek and I hate. My question to you is, how do I cover them because I have used everything within my limited broke budget to try to get rid of them but all in vain. I am not good with make up stuff and I want to know how to cover them or apply make up on my face that will cover them and still compliment my skin tone? Can you give me pls pls pls a list of products (pls not expensive) I can use to makeup and contour my face to look fabulous like yours pls. My apologies for dumb question or offense made. From DESPERATE SOUTH AFRICAN GIRL

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