Eloquent Launches New Websites

The long awaited websites from Eloquent is gradually becoming reality as the company has launched several websites in the first quarter of 2017.  The websites represents different services they offer and become subsidiaries of the parent. The websites include

  1. www.eloquentGift.com : this website is built for the promotional Gift Services in Nigeria Hamper delivery services in Lagos offered by Eloquent Touch. It captures all of promotional gifts, corporate gifts and souvenirs and its billed to be the most visited online gift shop in Nigeria
  2. www.EloquentGraphics.com : This website is for everything about Graphic design and Branding. Due to the increasing demand for creative design services from Eloquent, the company has decided to launch this website to cater for such needs. As a branding website, the website captures Eloquent as a graphics and logo design company in Nigeria.
  3. www.EloquentAcademy.com: The crave for knowledge is ever increasing especially in this internet age. Eloquent Academy is the training arm of Eloquent Touch Media. As a creative training school in Nigeria, the academy runs courses in Graphic design, printing & Packaging, website design, digital marketing, photography, video production etc.
  4. www.EloquentVisuals.com: Eloquent visuals has two sub websites that include eloquentvideos.com for video production and eloquentphotos.com for photography services. they are all under construction
  5. www.EloquentPrints.com: With the reputation as the foremost online printing company in Nigeria, Eloquent has proceeded to build a new website solely dedicated to print. Eloquent is also a packaging company in Lagos Nigeria. So whether is stationery printing or printing of company brochures, EloquentPrints can handle it
  6. www.eloquentHost.com is the hosting platform that already has hundreds of websites hosted in the reliable server. Eloquent Host is Top in the List of Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria
  7. www.EloquentDisplays.com This website is Display and Decoration company in Nigeria

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