Easy Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair.

Where are the natural hair queens in the house?! Well, this one is for the queens with short natural hair. I know how hard it can be styling short natural hair. You run out of style ideas, plus, your hair barely cooperates. I’m also in this boat and thought it’ll be helpful to compile the easiest natural hairstyles for short hair I could find.

Note that every style was done with the natural’s hair alone, no added extension. You can achieve the curls by doing a twist-out, braid-out or rollers. Just ask google! Anyways, see the styles below..

short natural hairstyles

hairstyles for short natural hair

how to pack puff on short natural hair

how to pack a bun on short natural hair

curly natural hair

4c hair puff tutorial

simple natural hairstyles

braid out on 4c hair

how to pack two puffs on short natural hair

styles for short natural hair

natural hairstyles

afro hawk hairstyle

sleek puff on short natural hair


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