Beauty Trends That You Should Try Today.

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The word “beauty” is on the lips of every chic. Implicit in this is that we all crave to be very beautiful and admired by many, but here is an advice for you; despite the fact that we are all about trying out new things at least once and while some of these trends are absolutely mesmerizing to watch on You tube tutorials, they tend to be a tad too time consuming and a little too flashy for our everyday lives. Fellow beauty lovers, here are the five beauty trends we are done with in 2017;


You may have even tried this crazy Instagram brow; that extra-large, super-dark and overly arched brows. This  came as an over-correction to all the funny brows we did back in the ’90s, but they are fooling no one. We are simply sticking to what we’ve got this year;  filling in that bald patch that won’t seem to grow back….lol


Although dousing your face in setting powder, letting it sink in and hoping you remember to blend it all the way in before leaving the house certainly gives makeup more mileage on your skin, but it’s a complete photo hazard waiting to happen. Let’s stick with baking only cookies from now on.


There are just two words for this; Duck face. There is a fine line between, making your pout look plumper and looking as if you are having an allergic reaction. Well, let’s all ease up on the liner and maybe just add a touch of gloss to the middle of our lips for a subtler enhancement.


You ought to put down the dryer now. Skip your standing appointment for blowouts and sleep more. It’s all about embracing your texture this year.


This seemed to be fun for a while, but you know that things have got out of hand when people start using random household objects as a guide to get the job done. Besides, a little blush can be surprisingly slimming and much more subtle.

You just don’t have to stick with all beauty trends that cross your path. Learn to apply wisdom in opting for a particular beauty trend!

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