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  • 3 Breakfast Smoothies for a Flat Belly.

    Hey fit and healthy fam! Here’s another juicy post for fit fams like us *winks*. So I noticed that people who are all about the healthy and fit life usually include smoothies in their diet. And from what I’ve read, some say it detoxifies(depending on the fruit blend), some…

  • Mercy Johnson in Adorable Photos with Her Family.

    Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, recently shared some adorable photos with her family on her Instagram page. The photos are dripping melanin and we’ve never seen anything so natural and cute. They are family goals indeed! See them below..

  • 5 Fruits for a Glowing Skin!

    A reminder, ‘you are what you eat!’. Many people forget this statement and think taking care of the body externally is what truly matters. What you eat really reflects on the outside, that’s why some people are still battling with acne and not trying to find out if it…

  • 8 Foods That’ll Make Your Buttocks Bigger.

    Big buttocks is one of the most desired assets in this modern age. And this has made some females go under the knife to achieve it without knowing there are safer natural ways to get a rounder bigger butts. And for the ones who can’t afford to go under…

  • Bridal Makeup Inspiration.

    Hey facebeat lovers! Today I decided to inspire the future brides and makeup artists in the house with some beautiful bridal makeup looks by makeup artist, @edens_glam on Instagram. Keep scrolling to pick your preferred look..

  • Ankara Jumpsuit Styles Inspiration.

    Hey ankara lovers! I’m back with another ankara stylespiration post. Like the title says, ‘ankara jumpsuit styles inspiration’, that’s exactly what this post is about! You love ankara? You love Jumpsuits? Then get scrolling…

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