Anita Joseph And Real Mc Fish Wedding Pictures

Curvy actress, Anita Joseph and her lover, Real Mc Fish did their wedding on Valentine’s day.

Anita Joseph has released their official wedding pictures via her Instagram Page.

Anita captioned one of the photos:

“Forever Mine”
My Husband The Crown on my Head”
Valentine Bride very sexy�‍♂️
@realmcfish for Richer for Richer�”

In another, the actress wrote:

” Behold your Treasure MRS Micheal Fisayo OLAGUNJU �
Caption this“

Anita Joseph’s husband, MC Fish recently revealed on Instagram how people said negative things about her to discourage him from getting married to the actress.

He said: “Yo @anitajoseph8 HOW ARE YOU TODAY � people are saying this and that about u �� , but that’s not the problem the problem is that I can’t leave cause it’s sweet in the middle ���� . The “S” on Superman’s chest means “stronger together” and that’s exactly what we are � I love you ��”

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