8 Ways to Use Vaseline for Your Beauty Needs.

beauty uses of vaseline jelly

Vaseline is one of the most popular petroleum jelly brand we know. We all know it’s mostly used for skin care but did you know it has so many beauty purposes which I’ll be listing below?! Check out the 8 amazing uses of vaseline which will make you grab a jar if you didn’t possess any..

To Grow Your Eyelashes: For thicker-looking lashes, smooth Vaseline onto your eyelashes. It’ll create a shinier look and is even thought to make them grow faster.

Create a DIY Scrub. Mix in a bit of sea salt or sugar with Vaseline to create a quick, exfoliating scrub to smooth over your entire body.

Wipe Away Makeup. Dab Vaseline onto a cotton ball and swipe over makeup to remove it without any harsh tugging and rubbing.

Remove False Eyelash Glue. It might be tempting to rip those false eyelashes off your lids after a night out, but the skin around your eyes is super delicate, so smudge on some Vaseline with a cotton swab and slowly peel away.

Relieve Chapped Lips. Carry a small tub of vaseline in your bag for an immediate lip softener.

Protect Against Hair Dye Mishaps. Put Vaseline along the hairline where hair dye might slide onto the skin, creating unsightly patches. The Vaseline will prevent it from adhering to the skin and leaving a mark.

Soothe Cracked Cuticles. Using a small bit of Vaseline, apply to the cuticles to prevent any cracking due to over washing or harsh weather conditions.

Give Yourself a Glow. For an instantly sexy sheen, rub some Vaseline onto your legs or cheekbones (or both!). It’ll give you that subtle glow of ultra-hydrated skin.

Would you try these tips or nah?!

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