6 Hairstyles Nigerian Men Love To See On Their Women.

Hey Divas,

According to Africans, a woman is the glory of her man, while her hair is the crown of her glory. Every woman looks beautiful and gorgeous when her hair is neatly made and arranged. When an hairstyle looks great, it adds confidence to the carrier and also attracts more attention from the male folks.

While picking out a hairstyle, there are three questions that should be considered; will it suit my face?, can I afford it? Will my man love it on me? All these questions are important, most especially the last one. After making an expensive hairstyle, the last thing every woman would want is for her man not to notice or like the hair. If this hairstyle doesn’t appeal to him, then all the hair parade is as good as nothing, a waste of time, effort and resources.

Men generally love simple, classy, decent hairstyle which are not far off from the natural. So if you want your boyfriend, fiance or spouse to fall over heels in love with you again, then you should consider these hairstyles on your next salon visit….

  • Cornrows

This is the closest to natural hair do any woman can carry. Conrow makes one look younger, allows air in and gives the hair ample time to grow. However, it is very cost effective and time effective, both when making and loosening.


  • Low cut

For some men seeing their women on low cut makes them fall over heels all the time. Though the low cut could have come as a result of constant making of hair which resulted into hair breakage, colouration or even stunted growth as the case may be, but one thing for sure about low cut, it showcases all the unique features on the face.

low cut

  • Braids

You can never go wrong with braids. It is one hairstyle that permits you many ways to style which reduces the chances of boring your man with one stereotyped and monotonous look.


  • Dreadlocks

Known as a Rastafarian hairstyle, some Nigerian men are dying to see their women on it. It usually gives the wearer a smart and bold look and you don’t have to visit the salon every week.


  • Bun

Bun, whether when styled with natural or artificial hair, make a woman look innocent and gives the wearer  freedom from strands of hair touching your back or neck. And if you got a pretty neck, why not let your spouse see it.


  • Brazilian hair

Guess you are wondering why brazilian hair is on this list. Brazilian hair here stands for all the various imported hair that Nigerian women love. This hair which have become so popular that it give every girl carrying it the same look but if he is the one paying for it, then the more reason you should wear as it is not only gorgeous but also drains his pocket.


  • Ghana weaving

This is a popular hairstyle in Nigeria as seven out of ten women is rocking this hairstyle. Although it is known to break the edges of hair, you should style it once in a while for your man.


Which of these hairstyles would you rock for you man? Share with us in the comment box.

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