6 Foods to Eat When You Have Period Cramps.

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I can already imagine you all grinning at this post.. *smiles*. Most ladies experience intense cramps while on their periods which makes them so uncomfortable and just wanna stay home all day. And some opt to take drugs like ‘ibuprofen’ to help relieve the pain. But who knew that there are over 6 foods that relieve period cramps?! In this post, you’ll get to see 6 easy-to-find foods you should get eating when you sense a slight pain before or during your flow. Trust me, junks would never do you no good when on your period, so don’t opt for it. Try to conquer those unhealthy cravings and you’ll be happy you did. Wanna see those 6 foods? Keep scrolling…


foods for period cramps

Just like eating a banana after you exercise, eating it when your uterus starts cramping is a great way to get your muscles to chill the hell out.

#2. TEA

how to stop period cramps

A cup of tea, green tea, or chamomile tea specifically will sooth your mind, body, and soul. Snuggle up with a warm cup after a long day, and ease into its effects.


how to relieve cramps

Reach for a handful of walnuts for a great snack that’ll keep those omega 3s running through your body. No need to take ibuprofen when you have a bowl of these by your side.


how to stop menstrual cramps

There are vitamins in pineapples that actually relax your muscles to combat the cramps, plus this fruit has the added bonus of boosting your mood.


how to stop menstrual cramps

Peanut butter is high in vitamin E — another magical vitamin that helps with inflammation and cramping.

#6. Last but not Least, WATER

foods that releiver menstrual pain

You know drinking water is necessary for your body to function in every way possible, but it also can help you out with all that bloating and cramps. Down as much as you can in a day, and you’ll feel like a new woman.

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