5 Kinds Of Bags You Would Be Needing This Weekend.

Hey Lovelies!

Its the weekend and we all know the weekend is for outings and events. I am sure you would want to slay throughout the weekend from your hair looks to your body gorgeousness. To complete your style game, you need to bear in mind the kinds of bags you would be needing this weekend;

1. Nude-Green Lover Bag.

This is the bag you should carry if you are going on a stroll or chilling at the green fields with your spouse. It is cool , casual and represent beautiful bonds between you and your spouse. You can put in a few makeup kits and a face towel in it while you joggle with your spouse.

Bags in Nigeria


2.Explore-Fun Bag.

This is the best bag to hang out with family&friends. It is a big-sized bag you can use to pack those small stuffs you would need and have fun.

Bags in Nigeria


3. The Slayer Corporate Bag

This is the perfect bag to work with on a saturday. It is a slayer bag that requires little or no effort; just pack your work sheets and files and some fun kits you would be needing. Walk with it with poise and elegance.

Bags in Nigeria


4.Red-Hot Beauty

Get into the #pepperdemgangteam with these classy bag. You can go no wrong as you step out in style with this. Make sure your shades are on and your confidence is on a high level as you go.

Bags in  Nigeria


5.Flowering-Chic Bag

Get in here with this flowering-chic bag and make your weekend colourful. Slay on and lit up your weekend.

Bags in Nigeria