5 Gym Bags Every Woman Must Have.

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Workouts are usually interesting, especially when we choose to do them at the gym; depending on the type of workout though. Going to the gym empty-handed is not ideal, unless you don’t intend taking the appropriate materials to the gym. Therefore, we count on our gym bags to do a lot for us, as we’d like them to be lightweight, but also expect them to hold all of our gear.

As women, we love it when they are water-resistant and weather-proof, but it’s probably important that they look nice, too. Once we determine which features are our priority, then comes the matter of wading through the countless options on the market. Thus, any gym-goer who understands these woes can rest easy now, as we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you. Here are the must have gym bags for women;

1. Transience Gym Bag:

Transience gym bag isn’t as basic as it seems. Its smaller shape lends itself to quick trips to the gym, while its expandable side panels accommodate all of your shower supplies.


Transience Gym Bag
2. Rule:
Of course, you can keep your shoes, electronics, and any other gear safe and dry in this water-proof pack.



3. Carhartt:
With its reinforced straps and abrasion-resistant base, this shoulder bag is absolutely beyond sturdy. Take it with you on your next hike or outdoor run.



4. Under Armour:
This gym bag has a spacious option that can hold your yoga mat, your clothes and shoes, your valuables and makeup, and even your flat iron, for the days when going home in between the gym and the rest of your life isn’t an option.


Under Armour

5. Sweaty Betty:
One notable fact is that this bag’s scuba-style fabric gives it an overall lightweight feel, while the internal storage section for wet clothes keeps your phone and earbuds dry. Besides, it’s a stylish backpack, so it’s easier to carry on your commute.

Sweaty Betty

These gym bags for women will even motivate you to go to that gym every time. Purchase yours now!

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