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5 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Start Eating.

Hey lovelies. I’m so excited to be writing this post and I hope you all learn a thing or two after reading.

At some point in our lives, wrinkles would start to appear on our skin and our body systems would start to depreciate. Some people start getting wrinkles as early as when in their 40’s, while some could be in their 50’s depending on their lifestyle. But what some of these people do not know is that there are foods which could help to still keep their skin firm and fresh even when in their 60’s. Not only would these foods make you healthy, they’ll also keep you looking young and make your skin glow than usual. So I just want you all to fasten your seat belts ’cause we’re taking off to anti-aging town! *smiles*

#1. Avocado


how to use avocado for hair

This is number one on my list. Benefits: maintains a healthy heart, source of naturally good fats, boosts immune system, may reduce risk factors for heart disease, aids in stabilizing blood sugar, makes your skin glow, anti-inflammatory, promotes weight loss, protects liver from diseases, anti-aging.

#2. Olive Oil

uses of olive oil

Olive oil should replace your cooking oil. Benefits: helps in preventing stroke, helps in reducing breast cancer risk, helps in relieving constipation, helps in strengthening bones, helps in reducing depression risk, improves eye health, helps with weight loss, controls blood sugar levels for diabetics. An added benefit is, it promotes healthy hair and skin when used directly on these areas.

#3. Green Tea

how to do tea rinse

A cup of green tea every morning is advised. Benefits: reduces risk of cancer, improves blood circulation, tones muscles and skin, delays the signs and symptoms of aging, prevents tooth loss, beats stress, best drink for diabetics, regulates blood pressure, improves memory, reduces body fat, fights allergies, fights acne, hydrates skin.

#4. Cocoa Powder

how to make chocolate fudge

I’ll describe cocoa drink as bitter and for the bold but it’s the health benefit that matters right?! So get drinking! Pour your desired amount into hot water, stir and drink. Don’t add too much or you’ll regret. Benefits: maintains healthy brain, helps prevent heart disease, maintains healthy circulatory system, slows aging process, high in antioxidants, repairs skin cells, prevents sun damage, reduces cellulite, lowers blood pressure.

#5. Watermelon

how to make watermelon juice

Now this is something everyone loves! Benefits: lowers high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar level in diabetics, effective in repairing damaged tissues, helps prevent heat stroke and cancer, reduces risks of kidney disorders, anti-inflammatory, reduces skin breakouts, hydrates the body, strengthens bones, cleans kidneys, fights cancer, promotes weight loss. Eat watermelon everyday!

Things to avoid: refined sugar, processed carbohydrates/meats, deep-fried foods and alcohol.

I guess you never knew that these foods had so many benefits?! Do not forget to share on social media handles, with friends and family.

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