4 Natural Home Remedies to Fade Away Stretch Marks.

Many people get stretch marks throughout their lifetime. Either from gaining weight, losing weight, muscle gain and pregnancy. Most people feel a little insecured because of these marks.  Though, stretch marks are totally harmless to your body but most people lose a little confidence in their body because the marks sometimes stop them from showing off their skin. We(Okpeke) hope these remedies would help you bounce back on your feet. These remedies would only help the stretch marks appear less visible and not completely fade them away. If the marks were quite darker than your normal skin tone, these remedies would help tone/blend them together.

Disclaimer!! You should know by now that you’re gorgeous just the way you are. You should not try to do things because of what people might think, do things because you’ll feel happier afterwards.

Stretch marks aren’t as bad as you think, though I understand that it’s unnactractive for some people but that shouldn’t stop you from being yourself. You’re such a beauty!

Still, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to follow these steps. *winks*

#1. Olive oil.

extra virgin olive oil

Everyone probably possess this oil. Olive oil helps to moisturize and soften the area of the stretch marks. It’s like a massage oil. It fades the dark marks away and makes your skin smoother. Massage this oil into the stretch marks twice daily(morning and night).

#2. Raw Shea Butter(popularly called Ori in Nigeria).

raw shea butter

It is nourishing and moisturizing. It heals dry skin.  It softens and smoothens your skin. Massage it into the stretch marks area twice daily(morning and night).

#3. Potato Juice.

irish potato

Slice the potato and massage it into your stretch mark area, leave it in for ten minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This should be done every two to three days, nothing less than that. The potato juice tightens the stretched area.


aloe vera gel

Apply the gel to your stretched area and then rinse off when it’s dried. This should be done daily. The aloe vera gel tightens your skin, close pores, improve skin texture and help make your skin look smooth and toned.

Ladies, with these natural remedies, your stretch marks would be faded in no time. Then you’ll be able to rock any outfit you please. *winks*

Bye for now beauties…