3 Breakfast Smoothies for a Flat Belly.

smoothie recipes for weight loss

Hey fit and healthy fam! Here’s another juicy post for fit fams like us *winks*. So I noticed that people who are all about the healthy and fit life usually include smoothies in their diet. And from what I’ve read, some say it detoxifies(depending on the fruit blend), some say it helps them maintain their weight, some say it helps in weight loss and some say it helps them maintain a flat stomach. But our focus today is on smoothie recipes to help maintain a flat belly and burn belly fats. (Disclaimer: these recipes would also aid weight loss ’cause you can’t burn fat in just one part of your body). These recipes are best taken in the morning as they contain metabolism boosting ingredients. And you could switch between different recipes everyday. See the three(3) smoothie recipes for a flat stomach below…

#1. Spiced Green Tea Smoothie.

Ingredients List:
Green Tea
Cayenne Pepper
Ground Cinnamon
Orange…(Green tea should be boiled and added to a blender with all the other ingredients and blended..your smoothie is ready!).

Green tea is a metabolism-boosting agent that health experts tout as a weight loss miracle. This smoothie is unlike the others in the sense that it has quite the kick thanks to the cayenne pepper, which boosts the metabolic rate to fight belly fat, and combines sensationally with the cinnamon, honey, fruit, and Greek yogurt. The result is a creamy, energizing smoothie that will burn fat away all morning long!

#2. Avocado Pear Smoothie.

Ingredients List:
Greek Yogurt
Raw Honey
Vanilla Extract…(Blend them all together).

Avocado makes this list because it’s rich in healthy fats that are essential for weight loss.Smoothies don’t have to have a lot of ingredients to make them incredibly delicious and healthy. Sometimes less is more!

#3. Skinnylicious Protein Smoothie.

Ingredients List:
Green Tea…(Same method in the first recipe).

This Skinnylicious Protein Smoothie is packed with all the good stuff you can imagine. Green tea is a game changer for banishing belly fat thanks to its compounds called catechins that rev up the metabolism. If you’re concerned about all that vegetable talk, don’t be! The spinach and kale blend in deliciously with the creamy avocado and boatload of sweetness from the apples and bananas.

Let me know if you’ll be trying any one of the recipes.

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