Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • What type of black hair do I have?

    Learning more about your unique hair type helps guide you to the products, tools and techniques that work best for your hair. It’s wise  to know exactly what type of hair you have so you can make the best choices for styling and treatment. Like most ladies, I’d wasted…

  • Canopies, Carports and Marquee Tents in Nigeria

    We are qualified to assist you in all elements related to canopy designs, engineering and fabrication of extruded aluminum canopy systems. HouseSolutions has been a trusted source for the supplying and installation of booths, canopies, shelters, marquee and prefabricated guard booths for over 10 years. We work with a…

  • foreign celebrities rock African attires

    African Illustrator and Artist Denny Owusu illustrated some African American Celebrities in African outfits and he really did a great job. You can easily see each celebrity’s personality in the illustration and the tribes he gave each one of them.

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