10 Most Effective Methods On How To Lose Belly Fat.


Simply put it is called a pot belly or beer belly. The scientific name is central obesity. The truth is beer belly has no connection with beer. Certainly alcohol consumption is related to this problem, but it does not have an immediate effect on the belly size.

The type of fat accumulated on tummy is called visceral. It is a special kind of fat and a very unhealthy and stubborn one. The fat you see on the outside also gets stored up on the inside. It surrounds vital organs, such as liver and has many negative health impacts. For one, unnecessary belly fat can be a sign of diabetes or heart disease.

Reasons for accumulating belly fat

Talking of losing belly fat, we should know the main causes we get it in the first place. Both men and women can accumulate tummy fat for the same reason – the hormones. They have significant impact on its accumulation. During the early years of life it is men, who mostly wish to know the fastest way to lose belly fat. Male hormones promote fat accumulation in this particular area.

Nevertheless, women after turning 40 also start experiencing the same problem. It is caused by the low level of hormone, called estrogen. Of course, hormones are not the only reason for gaining on the belly fat. Another reason quite trite: it is overeating and low level of bodily motion. The stats indicate that 1 of every 5 women in Nigeria become obese and get tummy fat problem. Among men these figures are much lower.


How to lose belly fat: 10 best ways

  1. Do aerobic exercise 
    do aerobic exercise
    Sometimes people think that the best exercises to lose belly fat are doing abs crunches or situps.  Of course, these exercises would help to build up belly muscles and make your belly stronger and flatter. However, they do not do much for effective belly fat reduction. So, how to lose belly fat with workout? Get more aerobics. These exercises may not be aimed at straining your tummy muscles, but they are the most effective at burning belly fat. Here are few for you to ponder on: jogging or cycling; swimming or walking steps, etc. Doing them is for at least half an hour a day can help you burn your belly fat fast.
  2. Watch what you drink
    drink clean water
    Abdominal fat is amassed due to overeating or overdrinking. Consuming sodas or other sweet drinks of this sort can be one of the worst decisions you make. They hugely add up calories to your diet. Moreover, these calories are not usable for the body and your liver cannot normally process them. So, it just stores them up on your belly. The best drink possible is plain clean water. No calories, no wastes.
  3. Get more protein 
    get more protein
    One reason to eat more proteins is that they get processed slower by our bodies. When you eat meat, you stay full for a longer term of time and get your hunger crave under control. Plus, the digestion process makes you burn more calories. The best are the lean proteins. They contain fewer calories and keep you full for a long period of time. And, they are low in saturated fats.
  4. Get more fiber 
    eat more fiber
    Fiber is found in plant food, such as veggies or fruit. It helps our bodies to clean up of the wastes. Only ten grams of fiber per day can help you slow down accumulating the tummy fat. So, what you need to eat? Get some apples, peas or beans to supply your body with fiber.
  5. Get more whole grains into your diet 
    eat whole grains
    Whole grains are rich in fiber, which we have already discussed. Plus, they are lower in calories. Highly refined grains or bread contain only easily digestible carbs. They are tremendously high in calories. On the other hand, whole grains contain vitamins and minerals one needs in a wholesome diet. They are the more natural source of nutrients for the body.
  6. Get a good sleep 
    get enough sleep
    Getting too little or too much sleep is not good for your shape and health. Getting just enough sleep can help you keep your food craving under control. When a person does not have enough sleep, they get stressed out and start compensating it with overeating. How much is enough? 6-7 hours a day would just be perfect. Getting into a daily regimen of sleep, activity, workouts and food can help you burn belly fat in no time.
  7. Stop being stressed out 
    stop the stress
    Stress launches certain hormonal reactions in our bodies. One of them is producing more cortisone hormone. It rules are reactions when being stressed out. But it also stays in the body for many months after being produced. And, it can be accumulated in the belly fat. Keeping down the amount of stress can helps to know, how to lose belly fat more efficiently and faster.
  8. Get a hula hoop
    use hula hoop
    Even though belly exercises may not directly impact the volume of belly fat, using a hula hoop is a good idea. Besides toning up tummy muscles, it massages your belly and mechanically breaks down the fat cells. Thus, it promotes the faster reduction of it.
  9. Get body wraps
    get the bowy wraps
    Body wraps can stimulate skin metabolism and reduce the extent of the fat inside the skin. Such wraps as coffee ones can make the skin smoother and activate all the fat burning processes inside the belly skin.
  10. Avoid trans fats 
    avoid trans fats
    Trans fats are the worst for one’s health. These are the calories that get easily laid up on your abs. These fats are mostly found in the most refined foods: margarine, refined vegetable oil, fast food products, bakery, etc. Cutting down the amount of trans fats you consume and get at least 30 mins of aerobics 5 days a week  could do miracles in regards to losing belly fat.

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