10 Feminine Hygiene Tips Every Female NEEDS To Know!

Hey ladies, today I bring you the bomb of all posts! This write-up basically covers every hygiene tip you need to know as a female. Probably, you’ve been seeking answers on some hygiene questions but do not know who to approach, look no further because OKPEKE is and has always been here for you.

Everyone has a natural smell but it’s how you control the smell that matters. Sometimes, the smell could be too extreme depending on how your hygiene game is. Though, there are certain ways which you probably have not figured to control this smell which mostly come from the private parts of your body. That’s the reason for this post; to help you combat the “extreme” smell and feel more comfortable in your skin.

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#1. Wash Hands Before and After Using the Restroom.

This is necessary because you definitely came in contact with germs while touching/holding money, holding the door handle and more. So you need to wash your hands before using the restroom so that you don’t transfer germs from your hands to your Vagina . An alternative to washing your hands is using a Hand Sanitizer. You should get a handy one which would be carried with you everywhere you go. It could be gotten at a Pharmacy.

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#2. Cotton Underwear is Your Best friend.

Cotton underwear is breathable. It dries faster than a silk or satin underwear. Imagine this scenario, your underwear got a little wet after using the restroom, if it is made of silk or satin, it’d be difficult for it to dry up and that would help bacteria build up which could cause an infection overtime. So it’s advisable to get cotton panties since they dry up faster.

#3. Wear Looser Clothing at Times.

If your’re a lover of tight-fitted clothing, you should learn to switch between that and looser clothing. Looser clothing make your body breathe. Wearing tight clothing too often would clog up sweat on your body during the day and with time, you’ll start to ooze and I’m sure no one wants that.

 #4. Change Your Workout Gear Immediately After Working Out.

Not changing immediately would make the sweat  from your workout stick to your body thereby making you sweat and it could also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Don’t sit in wet clothes!

 #5. Use Feminine or Baby Wipes to Clean the Outside of Your Vagina.

Use the wipe on the outside and not the inside of your Vagina during the day. This helps to combat smell from that area. Baby wipes is preferred by most ladies, it’s gentler on the skin.

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#6. You Smell Like What You Eat.

Yes, I just said that! Naturally, sweat doesn’t have a smell, it’s what you eat that determines the smell of your sweat. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, fruits especially, would help your sweat smell better. This was confirmed from researchers at Australia’s Macquarie University.

#7. Use Panty Liners.

They absorb any discharge from the Vagina. They could be used everyday. Panty liners are much smaller and thinner than a regular pad. They are pretty comfortable. They could be gotten at a Pharmacy.

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#8. Drink Water!

Though your Vagina cleanses itself but it’s still important to drink water because it flushes toxins from your body. An added bonus is, it makes your skin clearer. Who doesn’t want clearer skin?! So drink lots of water!

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#9. Do Not Use Anything Scented to Clean Your Vagina.

Naturally, your Vagina cleanses itself, so you only need to rinse it using warm water alone.  But a lot of ladies feel better when they make use of a Feminine Wash or Soap . If you are to make use of a feminine wash or soap, make use of an unscented one as scented ones make you prone to a yeast infection and change your Vagina’s natural pH.

#10. Sleep With No Underwear.

This makes your Vagina breathe. Sleeping with no underwear reduces bacteria which reduces smell and infection. Instead, sleep in a baggy shirt or baggy pajamas. Better still, sleep naked. It’s said that, sleeping naked helps to boost your confidence.

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